TROY TAYLOR : Conference host Troy Taylor is a supernatural historian, crime buff and author of more than 120 books on ghosts, hauntings, crime and the unexplained in America. He is also the founder and owner of the American Hauntings Tours and events. Along with writing and creating and sponsoring ghost tours and ghost hunts, Troy has spoken for scores of events and conferences and has appeared in numerous TV shows, documentaries and even a feature film about the supernatural. He is widely regarded as one of the most prolific and knowledgeable people in the paranormal field.

LISA TAYLOR HORTON: Conference organizer Lisa Taylor Horton is the company manager of American Hauntings and partners with Troy in various parts of the business, including their Taylor Mercantile Store in Jacksonville, Illinois. She is a graduate of Illinois College, with a Masters Degree in Education, an elementary school teacher, author, and a long-time investigator of the paranormal.

ROBB DEMAREST: Known for pushing the boundaries of the current knowledge of the field of paranormal investigation with his open-minded skepticism and "no fear" approach, Robb was drawn to the unknown from an early age, growing up in Albany, New York. Best known as the lead investigator on the hit documentary series Ghost Hunters International, he was also the driving force behind the recent hit Haunting: Australia. Robb is a much sought after guest on television and radio shows world wide for his straight forward approach, extensive knowledge and experience investigating the paranormal. He has appeared on many successful shows such as Destination Truth, Ghost Hunters, and others. Robb has an impressive list of destinations he has investigated including 6 continents and performed hundreds of investigations. He has created new equipment to aid in paranormal investigation and been the ‘voice of reason’ calling out fake evidence. This has led to Robb having a strong standing in the paranormal community and a large legion of fans from across the world.


Rosemary Ellen Guiley is an author and paranormal investigator who has written more than 50 books on a wide range of paranormal and metaphysical subjects. Her field research and investigations involve spirit communications, intensely active areas and portals, negative hauntings, and entity contact experiences of all kinds. Rosemary is a returning favorite and veteran of the Haunted America Conferences, who always returns with a chilling presentation on the most controversial and extreme types of paranormal phenomena that has ever been encountered.


Sarah, known widely as "Paranormal Sarah" to fans of her radio show, newsletter, and numerous articles and the book she has written, returns to the Haunted America Conference. Sarah is a forensic psychologist who studies neurolinguistic programming, profiling and also specializes in psychopathy. She has also spent the last 18 years of her life investigating strange phenomenon and extreme hauntings after growing up in a haunted home with a psychic mother. A member of the Parapsychological Association, author of "Haunted by the Abyss" and host of "Mysteries of the Mind", Sarah brings a unique perspective to what goes "bump in the night."


As road trippers, investigators and founders of the Travelling Museum of the Paranormal Occult, founders of Planet Weird and publishers of the Week in Weird, Greg and Dana and always busy with all things paranormal, Traveling the country and making appearances with the museum, they have managed to have a number of odd and creepy experiences with bizarre artifacts that have come into their possession. In addition to bringing along the Museum for a return engagement at the Haunted America Conference, Greg and Dana will also be sharing stories about their own piece of this weird world of the paranormal!


We've all known her forever as part of Ghostly Talk, but Amberrose Hammond is an accomplished author, avid storyteller, and paranormal researcher from Michigan and the Upper Midwest. Fascinated with ghosts, the strange, and the unusual all her life, she grew up reading and watching anything she could find about hauntings, mysteries, and anything out of the ordinary. She has actively researched legends, ghost stories, haunted places, old true crime and other topics in Michigan and the Upper Midwest since 2000. In addition, she runs Michigan’s Otherside, a website exploring the mysterious side of the Great Lakes State, and is also a co-host of one of the first Internet paranormal radio shows, Ghostly Talk. This will be here first time as a speaker after attending many past Haunted America Conferences!


APRIL SLAUGHTER: In addition to her "Reaching Beyond the Veil" Workshop during Saturday night's After Hours Events, April will also be taking part in the guest panel on Friday, and will have a booth in the vendor area where you can get autographed copies of her books, see more about her "Slaughter Skulls," and more!

SHERRI BRAKE: Another returning favorite, Sherri will be presenting a workshop on dowsing during Friday night's After Hours Events, will also be taking part in the guest panel on Friday, and will have a booth in the vendor area where you can get autographed copies of her books and other items.

SPECIAL GUEST: KEITH AGE: Long-time American Hauntings guest and Louisville Ghost Hunter's Society founder Keith Age will be returning to the conference as a special guest in the vendor's room. He will also be taking part in the guest panel on Friday night during the event. Take the time to stop by his table and talk with this veteran investigator of the paranormal.

LUKE NALIBORSKI & LEN ADAMS: Both Luke and Len will be presenting Friday night's "Strange Stuff," our annual session to kick off the conference. "Strange Stuff" was created by John Brill during the early days of the Haunted America Conference as a way to open the event with weird stories and personal interactions from the audience.




A schedule of all events is available on the website and in your confirmation. The schedule may be unexpectedly changed prior to the event, but a up-to-date schedule will be available at the conference. All speakers will also be available in the Vendor Room at the conference.